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Bericht aus 2000

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Lift by lever

One of the most difficult parts of a man-overboard- manoeuvre is the getting on board again of the weakened person. We have tried the most different systems and methods but were never really satisfied.

The Danishmen Lars Bruhn from Soenderborg multiplies man craft not by means of tackles or winches but with a device to lift by lever. MOPup is the name of that by himself developed recovery-system; max. load is 200 kg. It consist of a recovery sling with a 10 meter long line and a device to clip the whole recovery-system with its two cam cleats and the lever-arm (1:7) to wires from 5 up to 14 millimetre. Entirely made out of stainless steel the system is fixed to the shrouds in one movement.

We have tried MOPup out, and it works really as simple as promised by the manufacturer. We were able to lift our 85 kg wet 'victim' by lever up over the upper railing without great effort. It even works easier with an extended lever (option). Nevertheless we recommend (as always with recovery devices) a training in time so you know what to do in the emergency case.

MOBup costs about 1.000 DM. Supplier is A.W.Niemeyer, 22525 Hamburg, Germany; Tel. +49-40-899 69 70. Or try Jens F. Doergeloh, 28270 Bremen, Germany; Tel. +49-421-49 13 63.